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Fetish & Fantasy... Submissive Angela

Cuff me up and tease me just so you can punish me more, I love it when You do...

I love to be taught how to behave. I am a sweet little angel with a naughty side who needs to be punished. I want to please you this gentle girl how to play it rough...

Hi, I'm Angela. I am a slim girl with a good ass and nice legs. I am 5'2 with medium-sized boobs. My hair is naturally brown with a tint of Auburn, but I like to mix it up a little occasionally. I like to look good, so I maintain my appearance and look after myself well. Behind closed doors I still like to look good but in what you want me to wear so I can satisfy your every desire.

I am a very polite girl so my master can tell me what to do. I have a bubbly personality once you get to know me, although I seem shy. Make me giggle and I will be a smitten kitten.

I like to be good for you - teach me how to make you happy sir, so I can be your good little girl. Maybe you like my petite feet for a little tickle or some foreplay. My big brown eyes will look innocent, but don't be fooled. My cute smile will make you eager for fun and I will have you making me work so that you can live your fantasy.

Dress me up or dress me down. I love to play doll for you. If you like roleplay, we can do any scene from school girl to little nurse and have some laughs. If you prefer it more serious, I will do what you like sir. I want you to be my boss or give me a spank and tell me I am bad. If you like it hard, tie me up and blind fold me so that you can teach me how I should behave. Cuff me up and tease me just so you can punish me more, I love it when you do.

Tie me up so I can’t escape, and I will please you by moaning to be let free when I bite on my lip and look at you with a gaze of wanting more torture. You can then pull me around by my hair or leave me tied up there while you tickle and tease my body. If you like you can tell me to stand while you give me a few whips on my luscious bum or legs. Clamp my tits or smack them if you wish.

If you prefer to be a bad officer, you can cuff me up and throw me on the bed. Whatever you want me to be, I will be. Tell me to kneel or beg, tell me to call you any name you feel fit. You are my master and you can make me serve you. I am here to satisfy your ultimate fantasy. Use your imagination to guide me to be in your world of pleasure. Let me know your favorite outfit you want me to wear or what you like best and I will gladly be yours to play with.

I am naturally submissive, and it drives me. I like to be open minded and go on a sexual adventure. The submissive life appeals to me as I can become the restrained sexy kink that I am.

Feel my soft skin. Stroke it or slap it, your choice. In the bedroom it is just you and me and we can explore many activities. My hourglass figure can be a portrayal of femininity. Show me your egotistic side or be the man who bends the rules so that this girl will call you sir. Take the lead so we can experiment to turn you on. Call me what you like, and I will be thrilled to be the girl you want. I will be obedient to you, train me to do so. Gag me, pull me by the leash so I can let you humiliate me. I will worship you even if you degrade me. I am your bedroom slave, yours and I am here for you to use so I can be controlled.

I am available every Thursday.

  • Submissive Angela

    Age: 24
    Height: 5'2
    Figure: 34B - 24 - 35
    Hair: Brown, long
    Dress Size: 8
    Shoes Size: 5
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    Corporal Punishments
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    Hot Wax

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